At last, Self-help Therapy for Everyone!

Created by a top therapist, this program is designed to empower you to overcome the dependencies that hold you back from success and happiness. 

The Total Recovery Course offers you a step-by-step “roadmap” to follow as you move first from addiction to abstinence, then to stabilization and maintenance, and finally to the self-actualization and personal transformation that results in a “magical” life, where peace, joy, and purpose define your daily interactions.

Your Complete Self-Help Addiction Therapy Program

This full course will be available for purchase soon!

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Create Your Own Total Recovery Plan

If you are serious about recovery and creating a successful new life, you will at some point come to realize that you need a counselor and you need a plan. 

We offer both. With The Recovery Course you learn from a top therapist how to overcome your various addictions, and then we show you how to build your Personal Recovery Plan.  We give you the easy-to-follow workbook where you will customize your own Total Recovery Plan. 

This highly professional course provides your path to a healthy and fulfilled life –– starting now!

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  • Credentials: MSW Social Work, OH State University (graduated 1999); Licensed Clinical Social Worker 2001- 2021 (retired 2021); DOT Substance Abuse Professional 2012-2020; FL Qualified Supervisor for SW professionals; CEU Training Provider for Social Workers, Counselors & Marriage/Family Therapists (OH and FL) 2012-2021
  • Titles: branded as The Mind Mentor; Associate Editor, The Fix, Online Recovery Website 2014-2016; Contributing Author and Brand Ambassador for American Addictions Center (; 2016-2020
  •  Expertise: Mind & Mindfulness Techniques, Neurobiology, Spiritual Pathwork Techniques (for both clients & counselor training)

Rita Milios, The Mind Mentor

Rita Milios, LCSW, combines the science of neurobiology, traditional psychotherapy techniques, and spiritual growth techniques gleaned from ancient wisdom traditions to help people re-program old, entrenched, self-defeating habits and attitudes and successfully treat anxiety, depression, addictions (substances/people/things), eating issues, relationship issues, trauma, life transition issues and grief.

Rita’s 30+ published books include Tools for Transformation, Discovering Positive Thinking, Discovering How to Make Good Choices, Intuition Log Book and Dream Journal. She has also published more than one hundred articles for print and web (Ex: De-Mystifying Motivation, Reluctant Recovery Syndrome, Who’s in Charge: You or Your Addiction? Help from Your Higher Self, Understanding Personality Styles, Mourning the Loss of Your Dreams, and more). Rita has published audio tapes and Podcasts on mind/body wellness, personal transformation & creative thinking. She has been featured on radio &TV as an expert on mind and positive thinking and is featured as an expert at and other online speaking/consulting directories.

Your Recovery Program Includes:

  • The complete Recovery Course
  • Your Personal Recovery Workbook
  • Direction to online support, including newsletter, blogs, and seminars
  • A virtual Recovery Directory where readers can research hundreds of premier clinics and hospitals
  • Lists of private counselors, health consultants, and community advisors, all in one place
  • Connection with many recovery groups
  • Membership in The Recovery Library


Learn The Types of Therapy

“One size does not fit all.”

–– Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas

“We’re all individuals, and any one-size-fits-all approach will leave us feeling disenfranchised, disappointed, and ultimately dysfunctional.”

Meditation and Yoga: Ancient Practices for the Now World

Perhaps the foremost therapy for good mental health is the practice of mindfulness.  It’s so easy to learn, costs very little, and does wonders for anxiety, sleep, addictions, and many other issues.

Learn more at our meditation education page


Yoga Pose

Therapy for a Nation in Crisis

Drug and alcohol abuse is surging! Many have experienced loss and grief during the parallel challenges of climate change, Covid variations, gun violence, and financial insecurity.  Worries about global and national unrest are causing deep anxiety. The country needs an affordable, effective self-help therapy program that offers support, direction, and hope for the many who need mental health counseling.

Group support

Join a Community of Love and Support

Find your place with good therapy and a commitment to healthy living. 
By becoming part of a supportive environment we develop strength for effective healing.

The Recovery Course directs you to a wide selection of active therapy groups to fit your background and needs.

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