Our Mission

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The Challenge

Even before the parallel pandemics of COVID and climate change there already existed a daunting addiction epidemic in the U.S. For decades we have attempted to deal with the age-old problems caused by alcoholism and a variety of harmful drugs and destructive behaviors involving relationships, sex, over-eating, gambling, the internet, and several other dependencies and compulsions.

Now the combined demographic of addicted people in the U.S. represents by some count over 50% of the total population, and that group is growing. Factors like the stressful occurrences of international struggles, mass shootings in the U.S., home-grown terrorism, and growing financial concerns of individuals have all contributed to a mental health malaise. It is no wonder that the numbers of addicted people is rising.

Yet professional counseling is unavailable for the majority of Americans who need it––by some count, two-thirds of all those addicted. And even those with insurance have long waits. Therapy appointments in hospitals and clinics are often weeks and months apart. There is great suffering, even tragedy, in this lack.

Our Goal

The Total Recovery Course is for use by individuals, their families, and friends. It is for community organizations, businesses, schools, therapy centers, and various addiction counselors.

This easily applied self-help therapy program includes virtual therapy, books, ebooks, blogs, and other online media. It is designed to streamline the process from initial purchase to immediate application of the needed transformation work.

By marketing and publicizing through powerful media campaigns, including television advertising, social media, print media, and a strong web presence this program will be recognized nationally and immediately available to all.

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